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Floor Preparation Ltd

Floor Screed PreparationWhen it comes to industrial or commercial flooring, durability and longevity are absolutely vital, making it imperative that before any material is fitted or installed, the flooring and underfloor surface is prepared in the right way.

Based in Medway, we work throughout the whole of the UK, utilising extensive industry experience and the very latest equipment to provide industrial, commercial and private clients with the very best in floor preparation, specialising in shot blasting, diamond floor grinding, floor scabbling and pumped level screeding.

Call us today on 07720 934655 or 07860 363938 to arrange your FREE property survey and no obligation quotation with one of our experienced team.

Long lasting flooring means less maintenance for you

Levelling any uneven floors and providing a perfect installation surface for any industrial or commercial flooring material truly enhances the level of durability and longevity possible.

By having your flooring surface expertly prepared before installation, you will ensure that the amount of maintenance that you will have to carry out, or have undertaken by others, will be very low.

Our Services:

  • Damp proof membranes – one/two coat/s
  • Damp proof membranes - One or two coats with sand scatter
  • Priming – water based
  • Priming – 2 part epoxy
  • Pumped screed
  • Hand applied self-smoothing latex
  • Epoxy floor points and sealants
  • Shot blasting
  • Diamond floor grinding
  • Handheld diamond floor grinding
  • Floor scabbling/planning
  • Kangoing
  • STR
  • Hand applied raked water based screeds
  • Expansion Joins

A cost effective flooring solution

Put simply, having your floor properly prepared means you will need to have your flooring repaired or replaced far less frequently. Not only does this ensure that your flooring material continues to look great and provide reliable and effective footing, it also means less costly expenditure in the future.

The complete floor preparation service

Operating across the whole of the UK, we provide commercial and industrial clients with a variety of floor preparation services, including:

  • Shot blasting
  • Floor scabbling
  • Diamond floor grinding
  • Pumped level screeding

From our base in Medway, we work throughout the British Isles, specialising in providing industrial, private and commercial clients with the highest quality floor preparation, floor scabbling, pumped level screeding, shot blasting and diamond floor grinding services. We have recently undertaken projects for clients in London, Canterbury, Maidstone, Leicester, Cardiff, Oxford, Manchester, Newcastle, Leeds, Birmingham, Glasgow, Liverpool and Bristol.

If you would like any more information, please do not hesitate to contact one of our friendly and experienced team, who will arrange your free property survey and no obligation quotation.